All Aboard!

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Colorado Railroad Museum for the first time when my sister came into town to visit my family. I know what you’re thinking… how exciting could a bunch of old trains be? But the museum was unexpectedly scenic, especially on such a crisp, beautiful day. We had a great time running around, climbing into old passenger cars, and of course, taking lots of photographs!



wood pile


walking on railroad tracks



This little guy let me get right up close to him before he scurried away! I felt like I was on National Geographic. 🙂


sitting on train compartment steps

| BCBGeneration Solid Waffle Infinity Loop Scarf | Dollhouse Moto Jacket | H&M Tunic Sweater | Chip Riding Boots: Etienne Aigner |


Human beings are creatures of habit — especially when it comes to the way we dress. While putting together new outfit combinations is always fun, there are days when life takes over and I find myself running 30 minutes behind, coffee spilling everywhere, and my keys suddenly missing. On those days, I reach for my uniform.

Everyone has them. Whether it is a trusty jacket or a go-to pair of shoes, we have clothing and accessories we naturally gravitate towards. For me, it’s black, neutrals and riding boots. Wearing all black is a timeless look that can be quickly dressed up with statement jewelry. That way, the people I interact with throughout the day will notice my interesting necklaces rather than the coffee spilled on my shoes. 🙂


Black and neutral outfit


black and neutral outfit


closeup of jewelry

| New York & Co. Cardigan | Forever 21 Jersey Dress | New York & Co. Necklaces |  Chip Riding Boots: Etienne Aigner |

What is your go-to uniform?